Varadkar- Your Seat On The Opposition Bench Is Waiting

After a six hour meeting of the Fine Gael party yesterday, Leo Varadkar declared that he would ‘relish’ being in opposition.

Great! Let him stand aside on Thursday when the vote comes for Taoiseach.

If he is sincere, he will abstain on the vote for Taoiseach and let the leader of the largest party, Sinn Féin, seek to form a left government.

If he does not abstain, then we know it is all bluster and maneuver.

Mary Lou McDonald should seek to form a left government which excludes Fianna Fail instead. Eoin Ó Broin was far too premature in declaring this was impossible and they had to do a deal with Fianna Fáil.

It is time for Sinn Féin to rule out this possibility because 60% of their voters declared in a recent poll that they do not want Fianna Fáil.

Let’s take courage into our hands and Break the Cycle of endless FF and FG rule. And let’s get out on the streets to make it happen.