Varadkar Must Rule Out EU Hard Border


The Tory party in Britain are in a state of total shambles. A ruling class that was once able to rule over half of the world, they now look like unruly children in a playground.

For reasons to do with their own internal conflict, they have published arrangement that will apply in the event of a no deal Brexit. They claim this will include proposals that goods will be able to travel back and forth across the Irish border, without any duties or tariffs. And that no customs posts will be erected.

People Before Profit do not trust the Tories. For one, their government has been willing to use the border as a bargaining chip in negotiations on several occasions. And they remain beholden to the DUP, who are determined to strengthen the divide between North and South.

Additionally, the measures suggested by the Tories are not permanent. Meaning they could return to the idea of a hard border at some point in the future. For that reason, People Before Profit remain committed to mass protest should the British government backslide at any point.

However, we also believe that the time has now come for the Irish government to clearly state its intention. If the issue of the Irish border is not to be used simply as a bargaining counter for the EU, the Irish government should respond with a bold initiative.

They should declare that they too will not be imposing any hard border on their side.

They should then challenge the Tories to make this a permanent arrangement and rule out any need for other paper work.

However, Varadkar will do none of this because he is already committed to following EU orders and will erect a hard border when they decide one is necessary.

The reality is that there are two bullies involved in this whole debacle.

The British Tory bully is full of bluster and lives of past glories. The EU is determined to hold together by giving the British a thumping. Neither side gives a damn about the interests of ordinary people in Ireland, on either side of the border.

It is time for the Dublin government to stop acting as an obedient school boy and declare openly that it will not erector tolerate any hard border on this island.