The Ugly Face Of Fianna Fail


The Fianna Party leader, Michael Martin, has been making efforts to give his party a more modern, liberal look. But it is a bit like fake tan – it easily comes off.

A recent debate on the Carlow County Council showed the real culture of the party.

Fianna Fail Councillor Arthur McDonald tried to play to the  anti-traveller audience by claiming that ‘crime fate goes up by 30%’ around the time of the Borris Fair every year.

There was not a shred of evidence to back his racist claim and People Before Profit councillor, Adrienne Wallace challenged him to withdraw his remark.

 Clearly unused to be challenged by a young female councillor, McDonald responded by telling her to ‘shut her mouth’

Cllr Wallace said on Tuesday that the comments reveal “an embedded sexism within Fianna Fáil – numerous councillors entered the debate but I was the only person who was spoken to in such a derogatory manner”.

“That language should not be tolerated in any work place. Fianna Fáil consistently struggle to meet gender quotas and now I’m not surprised as to why,” she added.