Stardust Inquiry


For 38 years, the families of those killed and injured in the Stardust fire, have been fighting for justice, and last week the government conceded to one of their main demands, that those who died would have a verdict recorded on their deaths.  Currently the families have a medical cause of death, however no verdict on this cause.

To simply say someone died from smoke inhalation, or as a result of shock from severe burns, is to remove all context from how these injuries were sustained.  

This victory was not granted by the government, but was won by the Stardust Survivors, and the families of those who were burned to death as a result of The practice of chaining fire exits.

People before profit would like to congratulate all those who have campaigned for the last 38 years, for this victory.  We would also like to reiterate our ongoing support to all those who continue to suffer as a result of the Stardust Disaster”

Background information

The official inquiry into the disaster found that the Stardust owners had acted with “reckless disregard” for the safety of their customers, but no charges were ever brought against them. The owners cynically claimed that the fire was as a result of arson, so that they could win substantial damages for the loss of the nightclub complex.

The arson claim inflicted further pain on the families, of those who had died, and the survivors, because it cast suspicion on all those attending the Nightclub.

The owners received their compensation in 1983 while those who were injured had to fight on for 8 more years before receiving anything.