Smith Delivered Nothing For Derry

People Before Profit Cllr Shaun Harkin,
“It’s totally disingenuous for Colum Eastwood MP to be out lavishing praise on Julian Smith. 
We challenge Colum and the SDLP to document specifically what Smith has delivered for Derry and the North West?
The answer is nothing. 
Like his recent Tory predecessors Smith has delivered nothing for people here. 
Smith is a career Tory hack who at the behest of liar-in-chief Boris Johnson convinced the Executive parties to foolishly sign up to a Stormont deal with no financial commitments.
Since the deal was struck Smith has egged on the Stormont Executive to impose further austerity on people across the North. 
A quick look at Smith’s record – from supporting the Bedroom Tax to campaigning for banks and wealthy corporations while zealously opposing workers rights – should convince anyone why he won’t be missed.
Smith, Boris Johnson and the Tories do not care about people here or ordinary people anywhere. Telling people otherwise is naive beyond belief.
Whether it’s Westminster or Fianna Fail and Fine Gael in the Dail, the SDLP are making a habit of cosying up to the establishment club. 
This never has and never will deliver anything of substance for ordinary people. 
The strike action by nurses, health service workers and others has been a far more important influencer than anything Smith has done. But you won’t see that if you think change comes from the top down.”