Potential Emissions Fines Shows Government Abject Failure On Climate Action


People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has said that the fines that Ireland faces for carbon emissions is a direct result of the way that the current government is failing to act on climate change.

The TD said that the news of fine that Ireland could face points to yet another reason why the Dáil and the government must now back and pass the People Before Profit Climate Emergency Measures Bill which would ban the issuing of further fossil fuel licences.

She also called on the government to tackle corporate and large agri polluters who contribute disproportionally to Ireland’s carbon emissions.

She said that Ireland needs to move way from an agricultural policy based on increasing the dairy herds and planting commercial forests of only Sitka spruce.

She said: “The government inactions have resulted is being one of the worst performers on climate action.”

“Our government, if they are serious about a climate emergency, as was declared last week, they will put in the tangible measures such as backing the People Before Profit Climate Emergency Measures Bill; providing free public transport and decent cycling infrastructure; and tackling the corporate polluters who are ravaging our environment in the name of profit.”