Disability Policy

    Download the Disability Policy Document here.


    • Ensure that the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with a Disability (UNCRPD).
    • Grant Medical Cards on basis on patient need not income.
    • Extend the Disability Act 2005 to include all persons with a disability.
    • Enact Part II of the Disability Rights Act to entitle people to an immediate needs assessment.
    • Implement the Education of Persons with Special Education Needs Act (2004).
    • Implement the Assisted Decision-Making Act (2015).
    • Establish a Joint Oireachtas Disability Inclusion Committee.
    • Introduce hate crime legislation to tackle crimes against the disabled.
    • Implement the Citizens Information Act 2007.
    • Establish a National Advocacy Authority to protect the rights of people with disabilities.
    • Establish a National Respite Strategy to address ad hoc provision of respite care across Ireland.
    • Increase the Disability Allowance by €20 weekly.
    • Introduce a Disability Tax Credit of €1560 annually.
    • Provide an emergency Wheelchair Provision Fund of €37 million.
    • Reverse all cuts and increase the budget for disability services by €50m annually.
    • Increase the budget for the Personal Assistant service by €7 million each year from 2016 -2019.
    • Invest €50m in community support packages.
    • Invest €30m in the Housing Adaptation Grant Scheme.
    • Provide accessible housing for the almost 5,000 people with disabilities on social housing waiting lists.
    • Ring fence 8%-15% of the HSE disability budget governed by service-level arrangements (SLAs) to individualised and community based models of supports
    • Ring-fence €3m annually to address the lack of care centres providing intensive neurological rehabilitation
    • Allocate 15% of the Fair Deal budget to providing nursing home and homecare services to under-35s.