People Before Profit Condemns Cowen’s Unjust Package


Those Who Created The Economic Mess Get Off Scott Free
Unions Must Launch Vigorous Campaign Against the Government.

The People Before Profit Alliance has condemned the package of cuts announced by the government. Spokesperson Richard Boyd Barrett said “This package is an assault on public sector workers, parents of young children and the poor in the developing world. None of these groups created the economic crisis. The government has said a lot about the need to ensure that the burden of recovery is spread across society yet those who created the crisis: bankers, speculators and property developers, have got off scott free. There was also talk about broadening the tax base yet the government’s package will ensure that even the lowest paid public sector workers pay more. This is unjust.
Workers are angry that the people who caused the economic mess have escaped unscathed, some of them underwritten by money taken out of the pockets of ordinary taxpayers.
Its time the trade unions gave voice to this anger by launching a vigorous campaign against the government’s package and to support measures to make the rich pay”.
The People Before Profit Alliance is calling for a package of measures to broaden the tax base and ensure those who benefited most from the Celtic Tiger pay for the mess they created.
Central elements of this package are:
• A wealth levy of 2% on all assets other than the family home
• Increases in capital gains and corporation tax
• The closing off of tax loopholes including those for property developers
• Higher tax rates for top earners


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