National Demonstration set for Feb 21st

ICTU has contacted all affiliated unions advising them of the Executive Council decision to call a National Demonstration for February 21, in Dublin.


SATURDAY, FEB 14, Davenport Hotel, Merrion Square, Dublin
ICTU must call a One Day National Stoppage to begin a real campaign! 
Chair: Paddy Healy, Former President, TUI
Speakers (personal capacity) include:

People Before Profit Condemns Cowen’s Unjust Package

Those Who Created The Economic Mess Get Off Scott Free
Unions Must Launch Vigorous Campaign Against the Government.

People Before Profit Alliance send message of support to Waterford Crystal...

A People Before Profit Alliance activist meeting, today, Saturday, 31st, sent a message of support to Waterford Crystal workers, occupying the company's Kilbarry plant since Friday.

Speaking live from Dublin by phone link to representatives from the Unite Union, Eddie Conlon of the People Before Profit Alliance, conveyed the support of the activist meeting of around 100 activists to the workers of Waterford Crystal.

Also, today, over 2,000 people took part in a protest in Waterford in support of the workers.


People Before Profit Alliance in Ballyfermot and Clondalkin are calling on local people to support busworkers and fight cuts to the bus services in their area.

Dublin Bus is to lay off 300 employees and cut 120 routes across the city. This amounts to one tenth of the total bus service.

Brid Smith (People Before Profit candidate for Ballyfermot/Drimnagh) said today that “these cuts to services will hit the most vulnerable the hardest.  Route 206 which services the Drumfinn area five times per day will be gone.

Drumfinn is an area that fought hard to get a service for its aging population who will have genuine difficulty making the long trek to the main road.

Route 78A will have at least 20 departures per day cut from the existing timetable. Everyone knows that this is one of the most used buses in Dublin. There will most certainly be longer gaps between bus services on the 78A.

By undermining the frequency of the service in this area Dublin Bus will force people away from using the buses and lead to further cuts and more redundancies.”

Gino Kenny from Clondalkin People Before Profit said “Any cuts to Route 78A will be devastating for the people of North Clondalkin who rely on this service to get to work, to town , to schools and hospitals.

People Before Profit Alliance Demands a Wealth Levy

Tax Those Who Caused the Economic Crisis
Trade Unions Should Resist Attacks on the Public Sector
Today the People Before Profit Alliance called for a Wealth Levy to be placed on those who benefited most from the Celtic Tiger. Spokesperson Richard Boyd Barrett said: