Fianna Fáil: Who Wants Them?

Today Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald floated the possibility of talking to Fianna Fáil about a coalition deal. McDonald reportedly “challenged” Mícheál Martin to sign up to the Sinn Féin programme for government. But there is no way Fianna Fáil will sign up to any kind of Left programme that could bring about meaningful change.

Moreover, a number of Fianna Fáil TDs have already come out to reject the idea of working with Sinn Féin.

But this all begs the question: Who would want to work with Fianna Fáil?

Fianna Fáil are the party that bailed out the banks, set up NAMA and then sold billions of euro worth of public assets to speculators. They further entrenched the two-tiered health service when they introduced co-location of hospitals along with the Progressive Democrats. Throughout their long history of corruption, they have favoured beef barons like Larry Goodman and been rewarded in the form of significant political donations.

This leopard isn’t going to change its spots. Any deal with Ireland’s most successful political gangsters cannot possibly be good for workers and those who are struggling.

We urge Sinn Féin to abandon the idea of working with Fianna Fáil. They should instead deliver on the aspirations of the huge numbers of people who voted left in this election,  work towards forming a minority government of the left and mobilise people on the streets to demand change.