Driving North: Why Ask Eu Commission For Permission?


Motorists throughout the country are getting notes from their insurance companies claiming that they will need a green card to cross the Irish border after March 29th.

You have to apply for this card weeks before you travel.

There is absolutely no need for this absurd move but the Fine Gael government refuse to sort it. The British government are not imposing this requirement  – it this case, it is the EU Commission which is at fault.

Yesterday, People Before Profit put down an amendment to the governments’ Brexit’s bill to get rid of the green card requirement. But it was ruled out of order.

Later Simon Coveney stated that only the EU Commission could sort out the question. As it currently stands, a driver from Derry or Belfast will also not be covered for insurance if they drive South.

There should be no need to ask the EU Commission for permission to sort out a simple issue about driving across the Irish border. A sovereign Irish government should be able to facilitate the movement of people on this island.

Another  People Before Profit amendment to force the government to make a public declaration that it will not erect border posts on the Southern side was also ruled out of order.

It is becoming clear that a cynical game is being played to prepare people to accept an EU order to impose a hard border. We will need to resist it.