Dáil Move To End Plans To Import Fracked Gas From North America


Dáil move to end plans to import fracked gas from North America

Over 44 TDs have signed a Dáil motion calling for the Government to drop its support for gas terminals in Ireland that would import fracked gas from the US.

The motion was formally submitted to the Dáil on Thursday 26 September.

Bríd Smith TD said the number of cross party TDs supporting the motion was significant and demonstrated serious concern with Government policy on climate.

She said: “The attempt to misquote the IPCC in order to justify continued gas exploration is bad enough, but continuing support for fracked gas imports into Ireland and Europe is criminally irresponsible and shows utter disregard for the climate movement and the school children’s strikes.”

The motion highlights what is known as European Projects of Common Interest (PCI). The Government currently plans to support placing the Shannon LNG on the list of European projects, which will insure it receives highest priority in terms of the state’s policy and support. An EU meeting in October will finalise the list.

Deputy Smith urged Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton not to include LNGs on the list.

“If he and the Government are serious about climate change they must drop support for LNGs that will import North American fracked gas and lock us into high Co2 and methane emitting future. This will mean the planet has no chance of limiting temperature rises to under 2 degrees let alone 1.5.”