Cross Party Group Of Tds And Senators Sign Letter To Minister Bruton Ahead Of Decision On Shannon


Minister Bruton urged to remove support for Shannon LNG

Decision tomorrow on whether project will remain on top priority list in EU

Cross party group of TDs and Senators sign letter to Minister Bruton ahead of decision

A group of TDs and Senators who sit on the Climate Action Committee have appealed to Minister Bruton to drop Government support for the Shannon LNG project. Tomorrow Wed 23rd, will see the final list of what are known as Projects of Common Interests.

This would assure the LNG project priority access to planning and funding. The Government have the final say on this and the Minister has so far supported the projects inclusion.

The Climate Action committee heard evidence that the Shannon site will see importation of fracked gas from Pennsylvania. This and the industries impact on global methane levels were among the reasons cited in the letter urging the Government to withdraw support.

Deputy Bríd Smith said: “If Richard Bruton wants us to take his commitment to climate action seriously then he must withdraw this project from the PCI list; nothing else he does will be remembered other than this and this will be seen as an act of colossal hypocrisy, methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 and this industry is literally destroying lives in North America.“

The TD took part in a press call yesterday with actor Mark Ruffalo and anti-fracking activists based in the USA and Ireland. They all urged the Government to withdraw support for the Shannon LNG today.

Mark Ruffalo said the industry had a history of lying and exaggerating the potential benefits in terms of jobs on every project.