Crazy Rents – It’s Cheaper To Buy If Daddy Or Mammy Have The Deposit


Rents have gone completely mad as the average national rent for family home hits €1,366. In Dublin, the average rent is over €2,000 a month.

That means it is cheaper to buy a house – then rent at these crazy prices.

But there is a catch – you will have to go to the bank of Mum and Dad because there is no way anyone can save  a deposit when rents are that high.

So only those who come from a family that has money can hope to own a house in Ireland.

It’s the new trend and Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are backing it all the way. 

One in three of their TDs are landlords and the new pattern of clearances when it comes to homeownership guarantees them high rental incomes into the future.

People Before Profit want to change this by facilitating the reduction in rents. Where an individual can show that they are paying more than a quarter of their income on rent, they should be able to take a case to a rent review board for rent reductions.

Beyond that there has to be strict rent controls and security of tenure for tenants.