Breast Cancer Scandal


Every year, 2,600 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and over 660 die from the disease.

 If there was a government that cared, it  would ensure that early intervention was available to any woman who found herself in this traumatic experience.

But that is not how our PR obsessed Minister for Health thinks. Simon Harris is presiding over totally unacceptable delays in treatment – and he is not even embarrassed.

Best medical practice indicates that 95% of people classified as having breast cancer symptoms needing ‘urgent’ investigation are meant to be seen within two weeks.

But in a staggering three quarters of cases, this target is not being met. The main reason is lack of resources that has followed government cut-backs.

Harris has no problem finding €500,000 to pay PWC for a report on overspending at the National Children’s Hospitals. But he does little to tackle a scandal that is threatening lives.

He is a disgrace –and should be thrown out of office, along with his whole government.