As The Climate Crisis Grows: All Out 20 September!


Virtually every day brings fresh evidence of impending climate breakdown. July 2019 turns out to have been the hottest month globally in recorded history.  This follows on July 2016 which was the previous hottest month in recorded history.

No sooner have we been informed that there are fires burning in the Arctic Circle, right across Siberia than it is reported that the Amazon is going up in flames and the smoke has darkened the skies as far away as Sau Paulo. Then it is fires in two other great forest areas – Indonesia and the Congo.

Then it is the utter devastation of the Bahamas by the deadly Hurricane Dorian – death toll unknown but undoubtedly much higher than anything that has so far been announced. Now in this week alone we have typhoons of exceptional strength in both Korea and Japan plus a disastrously bad start to the fire season in Northern Eastern Australia – it’s still only Spring in Australia. 

This is only the most visible sign of what scientists are telling us, based on a huge accumulation of evidence, is a rapidly developing environmental crisis which threatens the whole future of humanity.

This why People Before Profit gives its full support to Greta Thunberg and her call for a global climate strike in solidarity with the schools strikers.

The truth is that for all its ‘green’ talk, the Irish Government , like most other governments, is doing little or nothing serious to tackle the climate crisis and, indeed blocking all attempts, like Brid Smith’s Climate Emergency Bill to do something real.   Instead it is fiddling and spinning while the planet burns. Therefore Leo Varadkar and his colleagues need to feel the heat of people power.

Everyone should support our brilliant school students on 20 September. If you can strike, strike: if you can take a day off work, take a day off work; if you can only get off work for an hour or thirty minutes do that; if you can get to Custom House Quay be there. If you can’t get there, take action where you are – from Donegal to Cork. All together on 20 September for all our futures!

FRI, 20 SEP AT 12:00

Climate Strike Sept 20th

Custom House Quay, Dublin, County Dublin, D01, Ireland