20Th Of March At 7.30 Pm, Carlow: Meeting On Housing Rights To Take Place

The housing crisis is reaching tipping point in Carlow. The list for housing is well over 1,000 strong and more are finding it hard to secure properties via the HAP scheme. Local and European election candidate Adrienne Wallace has organised a meeting next Wednesday 20th of March at 7.30 pm in New Oak Community Centre which focuses on informing people of their rights when it comes to housing. 
Ms. Wallace said, ‘every day I get calls or messages from people who are on the brink or in the depths of homelessness. It is extremely tough for people out there. Some landlords are taking advantage of the housing crisis and refusing to 
accept HAPS payments, or not doing up their properties to meet living standards so people are forced to live in damp or unsuitable conditions. I’ve organised this meeting so the community can come together to overcome the sense of isolation that people feel when dealing with housing issues and to allow people access the information they need. Knowledge really is power here.’
Ms. Wallace added that,’A very deliberate decision by successive governments has seen a move away from secure and affordable housing and into a privatized system that favours landlords and developers. Over €2million is paid to private landlords every day and less and less builds are happening. Rents in Carlow are up 9% and last year the council only built 36 properties. There are over 1,400 vacant properties across Carlow. We need to open the homes, cap rents and build council houses again. Until then people can pop down for an informative meeting on their housing rights. I will be joined by other housing and human rights activists who have experience with tackling homelessness.’ 
The meeting entitled ‘Know Your Housing Rights’ will take place on Wednesday 20th of March at 7.30pm in the New Oak Community Centre. It is a child friendly event and all are welcome.